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In a constantly changing world, finding a balance between traditions and new approaches is crucial. The same rule applies to marketing. Such innovations as chatbots may appeal to customers with novelty and capacity, relying on existing services, determining new directions, and providing industries with hope.

Creative elements do draw attention. But first, you need a steady foundation to invent them. Your campaign has to be effective. Although not new, one of the best instruments to measure effectiveness is a split (A/B) test. Statistics and metrics will always provide you with a trustworthy base to build your campaign. They might not be revolutionary, but they do not have to be. They have to be reliable.

A/B testing (also known as a split testing) is a simple tool to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Sooner or later you will find yourself trying to make a choice between a good email and a good email. And you will never know which one is better until you ask those who know best – your clients. A/B test allows examining two variations of the same element with your actual customers by comparing results from two sample groups. No magic involved, voila!

As simple as it sounds, there are numerous advantages to this instrument. Many people believe that A/B testing is only good to test pictures, texts, or subject lines. In fact, you can split test anything: landing pages, call-to-action buttons, their design, form, layout, and pretty much whatever you feel like testing. There are almost no limits, and only you define the rules. But since we value your time, we shortened the endless list of A/B testing benefits to three crucial points.

Here is why you should use split testing in your email campaign:


  • Measuring engagement

With the principal goals of attracting and keeping the customers, any campaign faces its ultimate challenge: how to engage potential clients and how to make them stay? A/B testing is a perfect starting point to find out the best performing patterns, words, and visuals for your target audience. Let your customers lead you to a final decision because only they know what’s better for them. All you have to do is observe which elements drive more engagement through simple comparison.

  • Increase conversion rates

What is good for your clients is good for your conversion rates. No one stays for mediocrity, many stay for quality content. By gradually building up better emails, you are also gradually increasing and widening your client pool. As you gain more customers you get more refined samples for every following A/B test. Split analysis is an upward improvement spiral that will help you guide your clients down the funnel and gain more and more retained customers.

  • Play success on repeat

It might look like running split analysis for different elements one-by-one is tedious, time-consuming, and eventually, may not gauge in its effectiveness to utilized resources. However, think of it this way: every time you A/B test anything, you always get to know the winning result. By investing your time into getting to know your audience, you will eventually be able to define successful patterns and discard unnecessary noise from your emails. Every next email is better than the previous one. The only question that remains – how soon will you reach perfection? ?

We would love to hear about things that you have A/B tested. Share your wisdom and leave a comment below about how split test has influenced your strategy.